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Een zicht op een trap binnen in de Budafabriek

The lab

Hi! Lab was formed in 2019 as an initiative to support and disseminate the research of Devine and further engage the academic department with broader publics, services, and industry.

The lab holds two central areas as broader spaces in which to engage and develop novel solutions:

Health and wellbeing technologies

Engaging designers with; individuals and/or communities (experiencing challenges to health/wellbeing), healthcare professionals, and/or health service providers, as equal components in the design and development of new solutions.

Digital public and community service platforms

Concerning broader societal challenges such as, integration, cohesion and identity; providing platforms for under-represented communities; or, empowering citizens as active members in shaping their society through facilitating “bottom-up” change making and civic engagement.

An example of a research project where the Hi!Lab members actively participate on, is Design For Every One (D4E1). The project focuses on co-creation and makability in self-supported communities.

Giliam Ganzevles

To collaborate with Hi!Lab please contact Giliam Ganzevles

Contact Giliam