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Een zicht op een gele vergadercabine binnen in de Budafabriek

Dam 2a
8500 Kortrijk

We are located on the first floor of the Buda Factory


Een portret van Wouter Verweirder

wouter verweirder

International coördinator

Want to collaborate with Devine on projects? Looking for an (erasmus) partnership? Want to offer international internships? Wouter has all the answers!
+32 56 23 98 89

Een portret van Kim Diependael

Kim Diependael

International Admissions Officer

Question on your application and studying abroad? Kim can help you out.
+32 56 23 98 83

Een portret van Klaus Delanghe

Klaus Delanghe

Academic Director

Any other question where you could not find an answer to? Contact Klaus.
+32 56 24 12 64