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Campus life

Een zicht op een gele vergadercabine binnen in de Budafabriek

Study Devine at KASK campus Kortrijk Buda

The school brings together talented and motivated students with outstanding educators who in their turn invite active artists, designers and theorists in art, design & technology from all over the world to exchange thoughts and co-work. Our school is known for its innovative and interdisciplinary approach to education and research, and its close collaboration with industry and the social & cultural sector.

Devine is part of the school of arts KASK, campus Kortrijk, an institution with a human dimension. The classes are consciously made up of a small amount of students, which ensures a personalised follow-up, one-on-one coaching and a “familial” atmosphere for the students.

International community

There are over 500 international students currently studying in Kortrijk so you will fit right in with this vibrant international community. We regularly organize events and workshops and there is a central meeting point on campus where international student can hang out. For housing options offered by our school you can contact Stuvo as soon as your application has been approved.

One week before the regular classes start, the international students are invited to the orientation week so you can get familiar with the campus and take care of practical arrangements. That way you are off to a flying start. Every student gets their own ‘Belgian Study Buddy’ who will introduce you to the student life at our campus and make you feel right at home.

Dates of the Orientation Week:
Autumn Semester: 11 - 15 September 2023

In search of extra information on living costs, medical facilities, academic grading system... be sure to check out the Prospective Student Guide.

Een tiental studenten op het dakterras van de Budafabriek

Why study in Flanders

  1. Education in Belgium ranks third-best among the 35 OECD countries, well above the EU and world averages. Australia and Canada tied at the top of the list, followed by the Belgium and the Netherlands.
  2. Flemish cities have a rich cultural heritage, and you will be studying and living in the pittoresk Bruge region.
  3. History aside, don’t forget to enjoy the vibrant night life.
  4. The National Belgian train rail system (NMBS) is very student friendly, with frequent direct lines to every major Belgian city. Additionally, Paris is only two hours away.
  5. Planning on traveling further? Belgium is in the heart of Europe and a perfect place to depart from with easy access to other European countries.
  6. Our gastronomic reputation is well known around the world: Belgian chocolate, beer, French fries (which are actually Belgian), waffles - Students can eat their lunch at the campus restaurant Buda Kitchen at very student friendly prices.

  7. The Belgian standard of living ranks among one of the best in the world, and every citizen has access to up-to-date medical care.
  8. Flemish people are known for speaking several foreign languages. Most of the people whom you will meet speak English quite well, and are happy to switch to English to help you out.
  9. You will also find many people who speak or understand French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and many other languages.
Een zicht op een gele vergadercabine binnen in de Budafabriek

Kortrijk, a world city of design

Unesco Creative City of Design

Kortrijk has a long-standing tradition of international trade. As early as the Middle Ages, Kortrijk's flax was one of the most important Flemish export goods. Thanks to the flax trade the city acquired a reputation of craftsmanship, quality design and entrepreneurship. However, wars and economic setbacks required the textile industry to reinvent itself on various occasions. This necessary transformation turned the region of Kortrijk into what it is today: creative and resilient. That is why Kortrijk was awarded the membership of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

Creative Hub on Buda island

Our campus is located on a small island in the centre of the city. It is always buzzing with creative energy. The most diverse organizations in culture, education, healthcare and the economy are in full development, as are many vibrant student and citizen initiatives.

At the centre is Broelkaai 6, the new creative hotspot and meeting point. As a creative coworking space, this site is the gateway to Buda Island and a showcase for creativity in Kortrijk. Artists, designers, students, creative entrepreneurs, active citizens and numerous cultural organizations will work together. And you too can come and work, relax, eat, drink, discover and enjoy. Via this bustling meeting place you can further explore the entire island: from the Budascoop with its arthouse cinema to the Buda factory. From industrial flax museum Texture to the sunbathing lawn and skate bowl on Buda Beach.

Other communal facilities

De Broeltoerens van Kortrijk
De Broeltoerens van Kortrijk
De Broeltoerens van Kortrijk
  • Travel
  • Lectures
  • Internships
  • Competitions
Golden gate bridge
In een museum
Een sfeerbeeld uit berlijn

Always on the move

First year students explore Rotterdam, Brussel or Lille to get inspired by local expositions. In your 2nd year we broaden our horizons and go even further on study trips to Berlin, San Francisco, Dublin, ... visiting expositions and installations that pop up all over the world that showcase the next generation in creativity, design, innovation, food art and business. The line up of chosen events and expositions are hand picked by a team of lectors to inspire you. We also visit top companies such as Google, Leap, Oculus, Adobe, Facebook, AirBNB,... As your skills advance, you have the opportunity to compete with other schools to present the most creative and innovative solution during several hackathons and competitions. Whatever you decide to do, you can be sure that Devine will become an unforgetable journey.

During your integration project in your second year, you briefly join an international student exchange program with the University of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. For a whole week, you are their honored guest, working on a project with the students of Cross Media Design. In the final week of the project, they join us on our campus to finish the project with working prototypes.

Proactively explore the creative sector by joining organised company visits. First, second and third year students witness first hand how real-life needs are met in the industry. Or visit one of the many interesting conferences and be inspired by talks from professionals in our field.

USA Trip 2019

Become an expert in your field

All the workshops, lectures, talks, competitions and challenges you have faced during your 3 year program have prepped you to hit the ground running when you graduate. This is enforced by the numerous meet and greet opportunities we organise with experts from the field. They lead the way, give you advice and teach you the ropes on designing and developing in the real world. These guest speakers are piece by piece well known and respected members of the creative industry and provide invaluable insights.

On the flip side, you push the boundaries of the institution by proactively looking for the next best thing. These creative meet-ups, webinars, conferences, talks, events are all part of your education and you understand that a life long learning mentality is the best state of mind to excel as an expert. Discover a wide range of extra curricular events via the school partners: Budalab, Design Regio Kortrijk, Voka, Hangar K, Flanders DC,...

Schouwburg Kortrijk
Bump Bar
Een spreker op het podium van Bump

Bump Festival

Every Devine student (and educator) looks forward to the end of the year festivities with our very own Bump festival. International speakers ranging from graphic designers to creative coders and motion graphic artists are invited to share their key learnings and inspiration during Bump. Previous speakers include Annie Atkins, Neil Mendoza, Kate Dawkins, Hayley Hughes, Ash thorp, Sougwen Chung... It is a celebration of industry knowledge and we end this one day festival in style with music and drinks. See you there?

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Bump aftermovie 2023

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If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us and we will personally inform you on anything you want or need to know before you become a Deviner.